European Entrepreneurship Forum, 10th of April 2019, Bucharest, Cotroceni Palace

  • H.E. Klaus IOHANNIS, Romanian President
  • Mr Florin JIANU, President, CNIPMMR
  • Mr Jacek KRAWCZYK, President, EESC Employers’ Group
  • Ulrike Rabmer-Koller, SME United President

The meeting will focus on

  • The conference will bring together the relevant European business stakeholders and government officials in order to develop a new vision to support entrepreneurship, the competitiveness of SMEs and contribute towards a more SME-friendly business climate in the European Union. With these objectives in mind, we aim to outline a new, reformed and bolder „European Small Business Act”, adapted to the challenges facing EU small business and entrepreneurs in today’s global economy.
  • The main objective of the conference is to develop a mature and proactive policy that can support SMEs more efficiently and strengthen the European economy, in the context of an informed debate involving all participants to convert from „Think Small First” principle to „Act Small First”.


  • Main organizer is CNIPMMR along with EESC Employers’ Group
  • The event benefits from the high Patronage of the President of Romania
  • The event has the support of: SMEunited and Romanian Coalition for Development
  • The event is included in the Romanian Presidency of EU Council event list


Draft outline

– official opening of the event

– 4 workshops in parallel

– signing the declaration


Structure of the conference

Agenda – European Entrepreneurship Forum – Bucharest – 10 April



  • CNIPMMR board members and SME members (approx. 150)
  • Parteners members (approx. 50)
  • Additional participants (approx. 50)
  • Group I Members (approx. 80-90)
  • Business organizations and SMEs organizations (approx. 50)
  • The relevant public authorities’ representatives (approx. 50)
  • Mass media (approx. 30)

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